15 September 2014

[Eating Out]: Piccolo's Corner - North Perth

Outdoor seating

A long-overdue catchup with my dimsum dollies (minus one because she's based overseas now)! When I look for brunch places for Sundays, I am always astounded by how many are actually closed! Perhaps they don't really do sit-down food service, but I would think the weekends would gather most of the crowd...? Well, it certainly gathers me, since I only have Sundays off! haha.

25 August 2014

[Eating Out]: Tuck Shop

Yeaaaaaah, this was quite a while ago =.=' Ooops! Better late than never though, right? hehe.

GC and I were running in the HBF Run for a Reason, so we decided to have a brunch date with mum and dad after we crossed the finished line. We needed to fill our stomachs after our hard work! Whenever I finish exercising, I always like to have something fresh, with vegetables, etc. So instead of going to yum cha, we decided on the Tuck Shop instead.

19 August 2014

[CC cooks]: Ayam mesak merah

Something I cooked for dinner a while back. We have chicken more often than other meats because Mum doesn't eat red meat, and my brother likes chicken most. Unfortunately, I, not being a huge fan of chicken, get bored of it quickly. This is particularly true when we have It prepared in similar ways all. the. time.

So, one day I told Dad I'll cook the chicken so I whipped up this ayam mesak merah. It was so good. It was so simple, yet was bursting with flavours. It wasn't too spicy for everyone to eat (my Mum and Nan can't take too much chilli), and definitely something different!

Actually would be perfect for this week's weather! Since it's cold and rainy! 

Thanks for reading! ^^

18 August 2014

[Eating out]: Bay 33 - Hillarys


I'm sure I'm not the only one but I have a long long list of food places to try, but unfortunately time does not work in my favour.

Brunch/lunch (never breakfast because mum is still sleeping!) with my parents is a bit spontaneous, and it usually depends on when my mum wakes up. Sometimes by the time she wakes, it's too late to go yum cha because of the drive to NB plus the wait time. OR...we've already had a hearty breakfast and actually can't stomach a heavy lunch. OR...both =P (sorry mum! haha). 

12 August 2014

[Eating Out]: The Beaufort Street Merchant

Finally! This place has been on my to-go list since forever! More than two years in fact. Although I don't like to dine out much, I'm becoming increasingly interested in the different types of cuisines, flavour pairings and cooking methods offered by restaurants.

It was just me & GC at home for dinner, so we decided to hit up one of our "To try" places. The problem was that it was Sunday...and so many on our list weren't even open! In the end, we booked a table for TBSM.