28 July 2014

[CC Bakes]: S'more please?

I don't really know what the hype about s'mores are. I think it's truly an American thing, but do correct me if I'm mistaken! Despite this, I do think it would taste quite nice...I mean, what ISN'T nice with chocolate and toasted marshmallows? I rest my case.

22 July 2014

[Eating out]: Nine Fine Food

To be honest, I don't really like to dine out too often because I'm a bigger fan of cooking. The main reason I eat out is to experience different cooking techniques and see how chefs pair different ingredients and cooking styles - it's something that intrigues me greatly.

Or...if I end uni late and by the time I get home and cook, it'll be 8:30pm by which time I'll be starving and on the brink of dying. Ok I exaggerate but you get the point =P This was one of those nights, yet another spontaneous dinner with my brother GC!

21 July 2014

[CC Travels]: Busselton - Margaret River 2014

All packed & ready to go! 
A couple of weeks ago, my procrastisister DT and I took a short trip to Busselton. But this wasn't any ordinary trip..it was a writing retreat. Yes, you read correctly, a writing retreat. We are both so busy with uni work and sometimes we need the time to really just sit down and concentrate on work with no other distractions.

It sounds boring, right? But it wasn't! Far from it! It was so good to get away from our routine in Perth, especially for me, as I had begun to feel burnt out for the previous semester. Of course we fitted in some relax time too! See what we got up to!

29 June 2014

[CC Bakes]: For a special someone!

I'm not proud saying this but my aunt on my Mum's side is someone I feel I under-appreciate a lot. She looked after me when I was a teeny tiny baby in HK, and also when she came to Perth, she's always looked out for me and invited me to fun things like a weekend retreat to Dunsborough with her church cell group.

Given my 'poor student status', there isn't much I can do for her (not that she would NEED my help anyway since she's so strong!), but small things like this...baking a cake filled with love on her birthday.

13 June 2014

[Eating out]: Voyage Cafe - Hillarys

Bread, lavosh, dips
Having a busy schedule like mine, coupled with FT work for Mum makes it difficult for us to have some quality mother-daughter bonding time. When I leave for uni, the sun isn't up, let alone my Mum. When I get home, it's already quite late and I just have a quick simple dinner alone, or it's late enough for me to just shower and sleep.

Hence, I really cherish days like this where I can just have a meal with Mum to catch up on what we've been up to, and of course to just rant and rave about things.