11 November 2014

I've moved!

Hi all!

I've decided to move from Blogger to Wordpress! I'll be blogging from www.dumplinglove.wordpress.com from now on so don't forget to update your follow link =) There's still much to be done for the wordpress blog, but slowly I'll make it eye-catching and better for you guys to read! Can't wait! Gotta pump out this presentation first =S

Thanks for reading! ^^

3 November 2014

[Eating out]: Icey Ice - Northbridge

Taro ice

Cold desserts have a special place in my heart...actually, hot or cold, desserts in general have a special place in my heart! And stomach, in fact! haha. When Icey Ice opened up in NB, I was introduced to the wonders of snow ice and from then on, I have been a huge fan!

31 October 2014

[CC cooks]: Life in meals 1

Procrastination is at its peak today...and everyday, in fact! ><! Anyway, as you all know, I love being in the kitchen. Whether it is baking, or cooking, I just love to let my creative juices flow! Sure, they may sometimes be really odd combinations, but they actually turn out to be quite tasty! Well, usually they do. Now, if only I actually wrote down what I did for them =.='

Since living away from home, I've had to prepare every single one of my meals. Sometimes it's tiring due to my schedule, but I always enjoy it because it means I get to eat what I want.

30 October 2014

[Eating out]: The Gaya - Applecross

Just recently, I have added my blog onto Urbanspoon. In a sense, it was a way to get me to blog a bit more regularly (not sure where my logic comes from!). Anyway! I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invite through Urbanspoon from Leo, the owner of The Gaya in Applecross. 

Initially it was just a table for 4, but given how busy I will be in November, I figured it was a good chance to just treat this as my birthday dinner. Yes, it's very early and for the first time in 8 years, I won't be whipping up a birthday feast. Instead, I let The Gaya do that this year =P 

23 October 2014

[CC Cooks]: Vietnamese beef stew


Tuesdays are my exercise & dinner days with one of my good friends. I did tell you that I need to get fit for summer, didn't I? =P Well, after we both practically die from the workout, we seriously need some sustenance. We usually eat at my house, and we just buy things together to share the cost. 

What did we have this week? Vietnamese beef stew!