18 April 2014

Happy Easter!!


Hope everyone has a great Easter break! It's a long public holiday streak for us in Perth, with the Anzac Day public holiday the weekend after Easter! 

Have fun spending this time with your loved ones, everyone! Whether it be an Easter egg hunt, or simply just lunch or dinner, hope you all enjoy it =) 

Thanks for reading! ^^

16 April 2014

Sculptures by the Sea 2014 - Cottesloe

My favourite of the lot! 
I'm not really a beach-type person...actually, not at all. But for some reason in the past year, I've been enjoying being out and about in the sunshine that blesses Perth and have made a few frequent trips to the beach with one of my good friends RT.

Every year, I always want to go to Sculptures by the Sea, but I always end up forgetting about it. This year, I'm being more mindful about giving myself some time off and decided to come here one morning with RT to check it out.

20 March 2014

[CC Bakes]: Brazilian Cheese Puffs, "Pao de Queijo"

Sometimes my Dad goes shopping and wants to buy loads of things, which he then proceeds to forget about and never eats! This was a case of "need to use this up before it expires" baking =P

We had a pack of parmesan cheese leftover from some pizza/pasta night but it's been a while since anyone has even touched it (except for me when I made cheesy scrambled eggs for Dad). So, I decided to make some Pao de Queijo, or Brazilian Cheese Puffs =)

13 March 2014

[HK 2014]: Wong Tai Sin Temple

Having been shopping the previous few days, I decided to be a tourist and head to Wong Tai Sin Temple. I was going to go the nunnery as well, but I got tired and needed some sustenance first =P

Wong Tai Sin, a Taoist temple, covers quite a large area and includes a number of different temples and also a garden of good wishes. You can read more about the temple here, but for now, I'll just share some photos with you.

6 March 2014

[WPC]: Abandoned

When I read what this week's photo challenge was, I knew exactly what photo I wanted to post for it.

This is the front gates of an old theatre in Cheung Chau, HK. Once a highly popular place for entertainment amongst the locals of Cheung Chau, it is no longer in use and the building sits there epitomising the history of the place.

Love it.

Thanks for reading! ^^